A First of its Kind: Wellbeing Digital Sciences Delivers its “First Ketamine Treatment Under the Inpatient KITE Program”

A First of its Kind: Wellbeing Digital Sciences Delivers its “First Ketamine Treatment Under the Inpatient KITE Program”

Gores Landing, Ontario – Wellbeing Digital Sciences, formerly KetamineOne Capital Limited, has officially announced the successful launch of its first intravenous “IV” ketamine treatment at the Victoria Wellness Mental Health Residential and Addition Treatment Centre (also referred to as “VW”) in Ontario. This was able to happen through collaboration with iHealthOX, a powerful, data-driven healthcare platform that strives to transform the primary care experience for its members.

VW is making waves in the industry by being one of Canada’s first in-patient facilities to offer ketamine-assisted therapy. Wellbeing management shared that they hope to see an increase in successful IV ketamine infusions in the future thanks to the collaboration between VW, iHealthOX, and itself.

“The success of our first IV ketamine treatment in Canada in collaboration with VW and iHealthOX and Wellbeing is encouraged that ketamine-based treatments for mental health are becoming more commonplace. The Company has always wanted to make a positive and significant impact on mental health, and this brings us one step closer,” said Adam Deffett, Interim CEO of Wellbeing.

VW is a residential facility and mental health clinic that offer personalized therapy treatment programs for anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Located at 5316 Lake Scenic Drive in Gores Landing, Ontario, VW has launched a first-class, best practice-based, six-week inpatient Ketamine Integrated Therapy Experience (“KITE”) program with the help of Wellbeing Digital Sciences.

The KITE program offers a structure that allows clients a unique opportunity to benefit from the fast-acting and medically supervised IV ketamine administration. It’s believed that this process will help combat treatment-resistant mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

VW’s KITE program is possible through the collaborative efforts of both Wellbeing and iHealthOX. The latter was created to help give patients a customized digital tool specifically curated for mental health. Patients can access live coaching sessions, evidence-based material, 24/7 emotional support, and options for one-on-one therapy. The platform will be available to patients via both desktop and mobile versions, effectively extending Wellbeing’s services beyond just its clinic locations.

Kaeli Swaggerty holds a B.A. in English from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Connect with her about bringing awareness to mental health issues on LinkedIn.

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