Ketamine Media Launches Industry Leading Psychedelic Therapy Network

Ketamine Media Launches Industry Leading Psychedelic Therapy Network

KETAMINE MEDIA (LLC). is proud to announce the launch of their Psychedelic Therapy Network (PTN), a digital ecosystem linking psychedelic medicine providers to individuals seeking innovative new treatment options in the world of mental healthcare.

Psychedelic Therapy Network (PTN) is the culmination of a long endeavor to provide patients looking for alternative care with a single point of reference and comprehensive resource for finding psychedelic medicine providers in their regions. The collection of digital assets will effectively reach potential candidates in virtually every zip code across North America.

Ketamine Media felt that creating the network was not just something that would make patient lives easier but also a critical tool for spreading awareness and education about psychedelic medicine. With the nation facing the worst mental health crisis in its history, new methods and modalities of treating mental health conditions are needed.

“The Psychedelic Therapy Network was designed to assist our partners in effectively raising awareness at scale. But it’s really designed with patients in mind. When we created it [the Psychedelic Therapy Network], we wanted to take a patient-first approach. The psychedelic medicine space can be confusing, and our team wanted to build something that helps people learn more about psychedelic medicine and unites them with qualified, passionate providers once they decide that this approach is right for them.”
Chris Walden, CEO and Co-founder, Ketamine Media

Novel new drugs derived from compounds like psilocybin, MDMA and more will soon join existing therapies like ketamine-assisted psychotherapy to combat the country’s crippling mental health problems. Psychedelic therapies like ketamine have shown the potential to be more effective than standard medication such as SSRIs, with psilocybin and MDMA showing similar or greater efficacy. With that in mind, creating a single comprehensive network was seen as an essential part of laying the groundwork for the future.

Currently, the PTN primarily serves as a hub for patients to find providers specializing in various forms of ketamine-assisted therapy and infusions. However, as medications continue to gain approval, like MDMA (currently entering phase three trials conducted by MAPS) and psilocybin (entering phase two trials with COMPASS Pathways), the network will expand to cover medical providers offering those services as well.

Expanding access to novel mental health treatments can provide significant benefits to the general public but is vitally important to the nation’s veteran population. Military veterans and first responders are 52% more likely to develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a mental health condition associated with traumatic experiences. Veterans and first responders are also significantly more likely to experience depression and have much higher rates of suicide than the general population.

“As a veteran who’s dealt with PTSD and depression first hand, I can say that treatments like psilocybin, ketamine, and MDMA do work. Unlike many veterans, I’ve had the opportunity to experience the healing potential of psychedelics firsthand at retreats in legal countries. If veterans here at home (The United States) had access to this sort of therapy, we would likely see a significant reduction in veteran suicides and depression rates across the board.”
David Connell, Author, Cooking with Magic: The Psilocybin Cookbook and Senior Copywriter at Ketamine Media.

The potential benefits of psychedelic medicines go beyond veteran mental healthcare. End-of-life care, treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, and substance abuse disorders are just a few of the conditions that psychedelic compounds have shown promise for treating.

Tools like the Psychedelic Therapy Network will be an essential part of growing the reach of psychedelic medicine providers as therapies such as ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, MDMA-assisted therapy, and psilocybin treatments gain notoriety. Patients and providers will benefit from the suite of tools, connections, and educational resources offered by the PTN, furthering public awareness and knowledge regarding these potent tools for combating mental health conditions.

Ketamine Media is a full-service multi-media marketing and advertising agency headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. Specializing in raising awareness about the clinical use of ketamine and other psychedelic medicine, Ketamine Media is the nation’s oldest and highest performing ketamine-focused advertising agency. Ketamine Media’s team offers a wealth of experience communicating with and connecting to individuals interested in exploring novel treatments for their mental healthcare. This specialized know-how is invaluable for their partners within the space, who need to reach patients in critical need of specialized care. If you are interested in partnering with Ketamine Media, the company can be contacted at:

Ketamine Media
611 King St NW
Suite 200B,
Knoxville, TN 37917

Phone: (800) 975-2291

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