When Considering The Cost Of Ketamine Therapy………

When contemplating the cost of ketamine treatments, it’s important to compare current treatments, their relevance, and impact on the quality of daily life. If you’ve tried multiple antidepressants without seeing much improvement and you’ve been searching for another treatment option, then consider this…….If we were to tell you that there’s a medication that treats depression, anxiety, PTSD, suicidal thoughts and has been shown to relieve symptoms in more than 70% of patients,  has no immediate side effects, can begin working within a few hours and can improve how you feel and function on a daily basis …how much would that be worth to you?  For our patients, it’s invaluable. It’s the possibility of having an increased number of “better days,” that can make the difference.

Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation for all patients.

New patients, without a referral, will receive a free consultation with our mental health provider. During the interview, we will complete a mental health and physical assessment to  determine if ketamine therapy is a treatment option.

New patients, with a referral, will receive a free health assessment to determine eligibility. Referred patients will not need to complete a mental health assessment, but are required to fill out a questionnaire/self evaluation, to enable us to assess the effectiveness of therapy.

Cost & Accepted Forms Of Payment

The fee for ketamine infusions is $500 per infusion during the initial series of six and then $400 for any infusions after this series. With ketamine infusions, there is potential for insurance coverage. Since it is “off-label” — meaning still considered an experimental treatment — coverage can not be guaranteed and is instead based on each individual insurance provider’s policies.

Most HSA and FSA card accounts can be used as a form of payment.  We also accept cash, credit/debit card(s), and checks. Checks are made out to MKW-Institute.

Advance Care 0% Interest Credit Card

If you are seeking alternative methods of payment, we are proud to offer 0% financing  up to 14 months through Advanced Care Card.  To apply, click on the link below and based on your credit status, you’ll be directed to the product which best matches your credit situation.  We are not directly affiliated with Advance Care, but accept it as form of payment once you’ve been approved.

Military Discount

We believe strongly in supporting those who have dedicated their lives to serve our country therefore, we offer a Military discount of 50% on all services. We genuinely thank you for your service. Please inquire about the discount during your initial phone consult or assessment appointment.

We also offer discounts for law enforcement and first-line workers.

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