‘Magic Mushrooms’ Look Set to Follow in the Footsteps of Cannabis

magic mushrooms look set to follow by Minnesota Ketamine & Wellness Institute in Minneapolis

“Magic mushrooms” have been used for centuries for healing, religious, and spiritual purposes. But after being “unfairly” stigmatized in the US during the 1960s counterculture politics and later outlawed, magic mushrooms seem to be making a comeback. There is growing evidence that “magic mushrooms” could be instrumental in treating mental and behavioral health issues. Recent […]

Rhode Island Lawmakers Accelerate Drug Decriminalization Efforts

rhode island lawmakers accelerate drug decriminalization efforts by Minnesota Ketamine & Wellness Institute in Minneapolis

Just months after Governor Daniel McKee of Rhode Island signed into law a bill proposing the establishment of what will be the country’s first overdose prevention sites, lawmakers in the Ocean State have launched two drug decriminalization bills in what may be seen as an accelerated effort to adopt more progressive drug policies. This comes […]

Psilocybin Reconnects Parts of the Brain Damaged Due to Depression

psilocybin reconnects parts of the brain damaged due to depression by Minnesota Ketamine & Wellness Institute in Minneapolis

Recent studies conducted by UC San Francisco and Imperial College London show that psilocybin causes increased brain connectivity and repair in the mind of depressed patients. The studies show that this repair of brain areas damaged by depression helps patients break free of symptoms associated with depression. Researchers examined the fMRI scan of 60 patients […]

Could Mushrooms Have Language Similar to Humans?

could mushrooms have language similar to humans by Minnesota Ketamine & Wellness Institute in Minneapolis

Research conducted by Andrew Adamatzky and published by The Royal Society Publishing indicates that fungi may have hidden languages. According to Adamatzky’s report, mycelial networks, the roots of fungal colonies, create and transport spikes of electrochemical signals similar to those created in the human nervous system during speech. Adamatzky and his team were able to […]

What Not to Say When Someone is Venting

what not to say when someone is venting by Minnesota Ketamine & Wellness Institute in Minneapolis

We all vent from time to time. We get stressed out, feel anxious, or maybe succumb to a hint of depression in our daily lives, and the influx of emotion becomes a whirling dervish of pain. To relieve that pain – and perhaps anger or frustration – we often turn to that time-honored practice of […]

MDMA Found Effective for Treatment of PTSD in Phase-3 Trial Results

mdma found effective for treatment of ptsd in phase 3 trial results by Minnesota Ketamine & Wellness Institute in Minneapolis

3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), also known as “molly,” has been found to be highly effective for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) when used with conventional therapy and psychotherapy methods. The phase 3 clinical trial results were presented Tuesday at the American Chemical Society meeting in San Diego, California. A review of data from the phase […]